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AdjustMyPrice is a fantastic little tool! I strongly recommend it!

John Staley, IL
Remax All Stars

Really helps encourage sellers to re-evaluate their asking price and close the sale.

Jill Feder, TX
Keller Williams Realty




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What is AdjustMyPrice?

AdjustMyPrice is a patent-pending tool designed to encourage overpriced sellers to adjust their price, so their home will sell. AdjustMyPrice does this by sending automated statistical reports to the seller at regular intervals. The report informs the seller of:

1) the number of days their home has been on the market,
2) the current list price, and
3) the current market value.

Sellers can adjust their price by clicking the AdjustMyPrice button in the email message. The report contains information that the listing agent has input into their AdjustMyPrice control panel. Price adjustments are emailed to you and transferred to your AdjustMyPrice control panel.

Sell more homes. Make more money.

Many factors influence the sale of a home. Top listing agents know that selling homes has more to do with PRICE than all other factors combined.

With AdjustMyPrice, you will get the right price FASTER, which will result in more sales and more referrals. Now you can move your listings from OLD to SOLD with AdjustMyPrice.

Think about it, if your average commission is $5,000, you will lose $20,000 this year by carrying just four overpriced listings that don't sell.

Never beg for a price adjustment again.

How many times have you psyched yourself up to call your sellers and request a price reduction, and then your heart races, your hands sweat as you reach for the phone, your mind gears up for combat, and you decide to wait. Months later, your seller blames you for their home not selling. Never Beg For A Price Adjustment Again. AdjustMyPrice will deliver price reductions to you automatically and effortlessly.

Easy to Use.
  When inputting your new listings into your AdjustMyPrice database, simply enter the list price along with the market value into the property details. You will automatically be notified of new price adjustments both via email and on your AdjustMyPrice control panel.
Set it and forget it.
  No need for painstaking calls to your clients about reducing their price. Simply input your clients’ information, and the system does the rest. At specified intervals, AdjustMyPrice will email your client their seller status report along with an opportunity to adjust their price.
Keeps you in contact with your clients.
  Your clients will love the fact that you stay in touch with them while their home is on the market. Knowing that you are ‘on the job’ provides a powerful incentive for your sellers to adjust their price.
Try it FREE for 30 days! Try it FREE for 30 days!


  Input your listing details into your AdjustMyPrice control panel
  Clients are automatically emailed periodic price adjustment emails.
  You receive an instant price adjustment alert.
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